Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Kracie Popin' Cookin' Donuts-Making Kit ドーナツ(edible!) Review

Hey Hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Here is another review of a Japanese DIY cooking kit from Kracie. This time we are making edible doughnuts by just adding water.

You can purchase these kits from any Japan speciality store but I got this directly from a supermarket in Asia.
On the back of the box is all of the instructions with pictures and diagrams simple enough to understand. If you can't read Japanese, please follow this link to read the English version http://www.nerune.jp/product/pdf/doughnut_eng.pdf

You get 2 doughnut batter mix (cocoa and custard flavour), 3 decoration sauces (vanilla, strawberry and chocolate), a packet of crunchy biscuit/wafer crumbs, some topping sprinkles, and all the tools you will need including spatula, molds and piping bag.  
You get a Cruller and Doughnut mold and can make 4 1/3 scale sized doughnut sweets so I made 2 of each designs. The instructions also include some illustrations on how you can decorate your doughnuts. Bear in mind, you can do anything you want with them so be creative and just go crazy!

Custard doughnut with strawberry sauce and cookie crumbs

Chocolate and custard doughnuts coated in vanilla and strawberry sauces with chocolate drizzle. Topped with more pastel sprinkles.
Each doughnut has such a thick caking of candy icing OMG
I tried to use up most of the ingredients it came with. They really give you a generous portion of sauces and toppings! Each piece is practically caked in thick candy icing and I still had plenty of leftovers. Leftovers went straight into my mouth, lol.

It would have been better if they gave us more doughnut batter mix to make 6 doughnuts. There was easily enough decoration sauces and toppings for 6 designs.

So how does it taste? When my husband saw them he thought it was another Littlest Sweet Shop miniature and commented that it looked real.

I told him it WAS real and he could eat it too. So he tried a custard one and said that he actually liked it.
Real edible candy doughnuts
It tasted oddly stodgy like a real deep fried doughnut even though it's just another clever way of engineering candy. However it was still quite yummy and not too sweet for my taste. The toppings gave it an extra crunch but the sauces are on the sweet side so use less if you do not want to make your doughnuts too sweet.

Hope you enjoyed that review! I've made similar reviews here on the blog so just search for it. I'm currently in the middle of a big commission and constructing a Halloween gingerbread house. I will also be taking a 2 week holiday in October but will try to debut more new items by next week.

See you again next time!


Saturday, 10 September 2016

September New Arrivals - Swiss Roll slices, Rainbow cake and Ice Cream, Mango Pudding, Iced Teas, Cherry Bakewells and more!

Hey hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers!
Our new arrivals for September is very colourful and sweet! We even made some new drinks and English style treats for tea time so I hope you like them all.
September new arrivals
Our first new arrivals can be found in the Beverages menu. These Iced Teas are topped with fluffy and realistic looking whipped cream and can be decorated any way you like it. 

The cup and lid has also been handmade by us to give you miniature take-away cups made from the same materials as the original sized ones. The cups have great clarity and you can even remove the lids if you wish.
Green Tea and Iced Teas with whipped cream
Our drinks come with removable lids
Our next few items are quintessentially English. Littlest Sweet Shop is based in England so I think we need to stock up the shop with more local items! 
English tea party
Each butter jam cookies are hand-piped like the real thing so they are all unique. We made the jammy middle using resin which is very clear and shiny in contrast to the delicate buttery biscuit it sits on. At Littlest Sweet Shop we make jams in all colours so you can sample every spectrum of the rainbow. Available now in the Cookie Shop
Butter Jam Biscuits
Next new item in our Cookie Shop is a favourite of the Queen of Hearts. These Heart Jam Tarts are perfect for your Alice in Wonderland theme party or any English style tea party. The jam in the middle looks very sticky and sweet. 
Heart Jam Tarts
Our last new item in the Cookie Shop is called Viennese Swirls. They are made up of 2 biscuits with jam and butter-cream sandwiched between them. The biscuits are also hand-piped, just like the real thing! 
Viennese Swirls
Cherry Bakewell tarts was created in England so we had to create some for our Bakery menu. Ours is the miniature version of the ones made popular by Mr Kipling. Each tart is filled with white icing with a cherry in the middle.
Cherry Bakewells
Let's debut something inspired by Japan again! Our Deco-roll cakes were so popular when we launched it last month so we made some new designs. They are now listed together with all of our Deco-rolls in the Cakes menu
Fruit Deco-rolls and rainbow Deco-rolls.
Our fruit Swiss-Rolls cakes have fruit bits throughout the entire roll. We have made Matcha Swiss-roll cake with mango and cream and Chocolate Swiss-roll with strawberry slices and cream. They are both a very cool and refreshing dessert - perfect for summer. 

Some clients don't want a whole Deco-roll cake, so we made individual slices for them! Any rainbow Deco-roll cakes now come in individual slices.
Individual slices of Pastel rainbow Deco-roll cake. 
You can even order the slices in plain Swiss-roll flavours. They have also been listed in the Cakes menu. Each piece looks so fluffy and light with a delicious whipped cream middle.
Matcha and Chocolate Swiss-roll slices
Strawberry Swiss-roll slices
Plain Swiss-roll slices
We made a new Rainbow Cake and decorated it with lots of rainbow candy buttons all around. We used a new recipe for the frosting as well which looks like a very thick but light whipped cream. This cake is now available in the Cakes menu and can be ordered as a whole or as an individual slice. 
Rainbow cake with rainbow candy buttons.
Order a whole cake or just a slice - up to you!
After making that colourful rainbow cake, naturally we wanted to make more rainbow items. So we made a tall 7 scoops rainbow colour ice-cream! 
7 Scoops Rainbow ice cream
It's been ages since we've had new items in our Jelly / Gelatine menu so here are some new Mango Puddings! We actually made more new jelly products but let's debut these first.

Each mango pudding is layered with a light and fluffy cream and topped with a mango jelly with some mango pieces. Each pudding is garnished with mint.
3 layer Mango pudding layered with cream, topped with Mango Jelly, mango cubes and mint leaf
Our last new arrival of the day is the Cinnamon Roll. These freshly baked sweet rolls are now available in the Bakery menu.
Each sweet roll has a layer of cinnamon throughout and topped with flaked almonds. The top is glazed with icing.
Littlest Sweet Shop Cinnamon Roll
Order a bunch of Cinammon Rolls for breakfast with coffee
We are so busy at Littlest Sweet Shop these past few weeks. We have been commissioned to do a Christmas Dinner for a museum in America so that is pretty exciting! Everything is going smoothly so far so you can expect some new items for Christmas very soon.

I would also like to thank and congratulate everyone who has participated in our Facebook and Instagram giveaway and our winners are:

Vanessa Zougagh from France - Facebook winner
PJ Belton from New Zealand - Instagram winner

Congratulations to both of them and I do hope they enjoy their prizes. We now have over 2k followers on Instagram so we promise to do another big giveaway once we reach the 5k milestone! Keep following us to make sure you don't miss out. 


Friday, 19 August 2016

New arrivals - Wedding cake, Whoopie Pies, Iced soda beverage and more!!

Greetings Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

I've been working really hard these past few weeks to come up with a lot of new miniatures. These are just half of it but I will try to list them all up in the shop ASAP!!
Mid-August new arrivals
I have been neglecting the Wedding menu so I dedicated a whole week to complete this wedding cake. Plenty of hours (and patience) was crucial in making over 200 super tiny petals for the small peony flowers. The whole cake (including the flower on top) is only 45mm tall so it should also be applicable in 1:12 scale. 

The lace trim is all gold and the peonies are hand-made in pink and peach colours. We gave our Instagram followers a video preview of the cake and received more than 50,000 views! 
Peony wedding cake
Peony flower detail. Gold lace trim

Whoopie Pies are small cakes with cream sandwiched inside. I used to make this all the time since I was too lazy to bake for just the two of us so I wanted to make something easy. I chilled the milk before whipping it to achieve a very delicious cool cream. 

Miniature version comes in 3 different flavours and customised orders are always welcomed. Available now in the Cakes menu.
Red Velvet, Vanilla and chocolate, Chocolate and mint Whoopie Pies
Mini cakes with cream sandwiches
Moving on, we have updated the Bakery menu with some filled doughnuts.
Jam, chocolate and custard filled doughnuts. Dusted in powdered sugar
Hazelnut chocolate, Strawberry milk and 'Feathered' doughnuts
We have a new beverage on our menu with our own Littlest Sweet Shop handmade take-away cup! I used vacuum forming technology to shape the cup and lid. It has absolutely perfect transparency just like the real cup.

This Blue Hawaiian drink comes with the straw and even ice. Deliciously icy and cool! Find it in our Beverages menu.
Littlest Sweet Shop's Blue Hawaiian. Comes with cup, lid, straw and ice
This is what we Brits call a 'tea biscuit' which is a very common biscuit served with tea. They are thin, light and crispy but not tiny so your dolls can dunk it into the tea. You can buy them from our Cookie Shop
Popular afternoon tea biscuit in England. Ours with the 'LSS' logo
We just listed 2 types of new bread in the Bakery menu. The first one is a savoury favourite that can be eaten at any day making it the perfect snack! The Pretzel Dog is literally a hot dog wrapped in pretzel dough and baked until crispy in the outside. We recommend serving them piping hot.
Pretzel Dogs
The last new item in the Bakery is Sugar Twists. Soft bread twists baked until golden and coated in sugar.  

Sugar Twists
Don't forget to enter our Miniature give-away by tonight on Instagram and Facebook. We have never done a Littlest Sweet Shop give-away before so don't miss this opportunity! Quick, ends tomorrow!


Friday, 12 August 2016

Kracie Popin' Cookin' Cake Making Kit たのしいケーキやさん (edible!) Review

Good day Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

Today I'm reviewing a Japanese product from Kracie. This set is part of their Popin' Cookin' DIY kit which contains everything you need to produce your own decorated sweets using your own imagination. You can also read my reviews on other Popin' Cookin' products here http://www.littlestsweetshop.com/2015/08/japan-candy-box-review-and-giveaway.html and here http://www.littlestsweetshop.com/2016/06/japan-candy-box-review-and-giveaway.html

I got this from an international supermarket when I was on holiday in Asia but you should be able to find it at most Japanese speciality stores. They have a wide range of products so you would be able to spot it easily in the candy / confectionery isle. The graphics are really super kawaii and will stand out.


At the back you will find the recipe on how to use the kit. The pictures will explain everything you need to do but you can also find the English recipe here: http://www.nerune.jp/product/pdf/cake_eng.pdf

The kit includes all the items in the photo. Vanilla and Strawberry flavoured cream mix, sprinkles, 2 wafer cones, tart case, wafer biscuits are included together with the piping bag, spoon and container. This is all you need during the process of Popin' Cookin'.
What's included in the box
The vanilla and strawberry powder smells really nice and sweet and mixes with plain water to produce a creamy confectionery. Follow further instructions to create all 3 types of items- ice cream, cake and tart. Just add imagination!
One side strawberry and one side vanilla. Cute and stripey
There is enough cream to make everything here and even extra! The cream itself is not very sweet which is what I love about Japanese candy. It is also very smooth and creamy. Definitely not the usual gummy style candy like the other Popin' Cookin' kits I have tried out before.
My creations
That's all for today. There are plenty of new items that will debut next week so make sure you stick around! Also don't forget to enter our 1000 followers giveaway to win exclusive Littlest Sweet Shop miniatures.


Sunday, 7 August 2016

1000 Instagram Followers and Facebook likes Give-away

We are so happy to reach 1000 followers and likes on our social media platforms. We are only a small business in England so we use social media to advertise and promote Littlest Sweet Shop. 

The give-away is only available through our Facebook and Instagram network. If you are already with us, all you need to do is like and share the photo (via Facebook / Instagram) between now and 20th August 2016.

There will be 2 sets of prizes, one for a Facebook winner and one for an Instagram winner. Winner can only win one of the sets but can enter both give-aways to increase odds of winning.

Prizes are in 1/6 scale.

Winner must also be a Littlest Sweet Shopper (either follow us on Facebook / Instagram) and selected randomly.

Open to worldwide residents, we ship from the U.K.

Participate now!
Visit our Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/littlestsweetshop/
Facebook give-away
Facebook winner will receive:
Swiss Roll cake
Pumpkin Pie
Poppy Seed Bagel
Sesame Seed Bagel

Instagram give-away
Instagram winner will receive:
Farmhouse Loaf
Chocolate Cornet (Japanese)
Strawberry Tart
Sesame Bagel
Poppy Seed Bagel
Good Luck! がんばって‼︎!

Monday, 1 August 2016

August new arrivals! French Cruller, Japanese bread, Ice-box cookies, and more!

Hello Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

We have been baking a lot recently to create only the cutest miniatures. We made new doughnuts, cake, bread, cookies and pastries that are too cute to eat!
We baked tons of new stuff for August! Available now
I have always wanted to expand the Japanese menu with more items so I created 3 new types of Japanese bread. We only used the best 'ingredients' to offer you the most realistic and authentic Japanese bread miniatures. 
パンJapanese bread by Littlest Sweet Shop
チョココロネとクリムコロネChocolate Cornet and Cream Cornet is a light and puffy sweet bread filled with chocolate or cream.
チョココロネとクリムコロネCornet filled with chocolate or cream
Amazing pattern detail - just like the real thing!
Harumi's favourite new item is the chocolate cornet
メロンパンMelon Bread is made with a thick crispy and crusty top layer just like the real thing. Inside is a soft and fluffy sweet bread.
メロンパンMelon Bread. Crispy and crusty top sugary layer
Here are some かめメロンパンKame Melon Bread. They have been infused with some Green Tea powder for a hint of matcha flavour. Each turtle is given a big smiley face painted in chocolate. 
かめメロンパンKame Melon Bread
Our next new item are these tiny pieces of Ice-Box cookies / Slice and Bake cookies. Each cookie is made from a dough cane that had been frozen slightly. It is easy to slice the cookie dough when it is frozen. The cookies are dense but crispy. They are now available in our Cookie Shop
Ice-box cookies / Slice and back cookies selection by Littlest Sweet Shop
Minimum order of 8 pieces.
Vanilla and chocolate cookies. Available in Swirl, marble and Chequerboard pattern
Watermelon and Rainbow cookies
Pre-packaged cookies
Cookies should be served with a glass of cold milk
Rainbow drip cake is made with cute and sweet colours topped with star icing. Now available in the Cakes menu.
Rainbow drizzle cake
You can now find French Cruller and Pon De Ring doughnuts in our Bakery menu. These type of doughnuts are usually sandwiched with cream and comes in chocolate as well. You can order them with sugar or chocolate glaze. 
Pon De Ring doughnuts with cream sandwich
Various French Cruller filled with cream
Our last new arrivals is perfect for tea time. Get a variety of pastries to serve with afternoon tea and use only your best China. All available now in the Bakery menu.
Enjoy tea time with Littlest Sweet Shop sweets
These fruit Danishes are made extra sweet with a layer of fruit syrup and real fruits. Each Danish pastry have plenty of light and crispy layers.
Cherry and Blueberry Danish pastries. Crispy and light layers of pastry
We used a new recipe for our Fruit Tart since we always believe in improving our products. The new strawberry and rasberry tart has been updated with light and foamy whipped cream. Each tart case is filled with custard before adding real fruits. Mini tarts are also available.
Strawberries, raspberries and cream tart. Mini Strawberry and cream tart.
Last but not least, we updated the recipe of our Palmiers. This time each palmier is even thinner and smaller but with the same amount of crispy layers. Each Palmier is coated in sugar.
Palmiers. Crispy thin layers of puff pastry. Coated in sugar
That's all the new items for now! Announcement for the first Littlest Sweet Shop miniatures giveaway is coming up this week so stick around!