Saturday, 2 February 2019

Commission Update - 1:12 scale fast food

Good evening Littlest Sweet Shoppers!

A short entry today about a recent commission for a Littlest Sweet Shopper in America. She really wanted Littlest Fast Food in 1:12 scale so I thought I'd give it a try. They are usually available only in 1:6 scale since I'm not confident my printer can produce high quality print at a smaller scale than one-sixth.

Luckily they turned out great even though I had to simplify the design of the Chicken Burger box and Fries box. The frozen yogurt had the label from her local yogurt shop so almost everything was bespoke. I am so happy that the new client loves them and here are the miniatures that I made for her.
1:12 scale strawberry yogurt with pastel sprinkles. Cup made with client's preferred logo
1:12 scale Curly Fries, Chicken Burger and tray
1:12 scale. Custom plastic lid for the yogurt
Made perfectly to scale
Kokomi-chan with a Frozen Yogurt made for 1:12 scale Picco Neemo size
Littlest Fast Food's signature packaging in 1:12 scale
1:12 scale chicken burger doesn't come with cheese. Little container of dipping sauce optional
1:12 scale Curly Fries
Kokomi-chan's quick lunch
1:12 scale 3D printed tray
1:12 scale Littlest Fast Food
That's all for now. I currently have 2 commissions to complete and many little projects on the side so I am kinda busy (again!) to take photos of the new Gingerbread Houses! I have an upcoming workshop in October so I am currently working on the course plan while trying to produce another YouTube tutorial.....................PHEW!

I do hope to see you again for another new update this month so please stick around ;)


Thursday, 24 January 2019

Valentine's Day Chocolate and other new goodies!

Happy New Year Littlest Sweet Shoppers

First of all, thank you for your support. I plan to do bigger things in 2019 so I hope you can continue visiting our website and check out new miniatures.
There were no updates last month because I was not well for the whole month of December (including Christmas and New Year). I made a lot of new Christmas items but didn't have a chance to photograph them.

Here are some new items which have just arrived! Give your doll a cute heart shaped box of chocolates for Valentine's Day. Each box contains 6 moulded chocolates that can be removed from each cavity. You can order the boxes in any colour. We offer milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry milk flavours.
Heart shape box of chocolates
6 pieces of moulded chocolate inside box
Yuffie loves the milk chocolate variant
And this is also another new item that we will try to debut soon - Littlest Sweet Shop Blended Ice Cream. Our 'Flurry' is supposed to be like McFlurry or Dairy Queen's Blizzard. We will serve it upside down too!
Strawberry ice cream blitz with small heart candies
Littlest Sweet Shop specialises in making sweets so we keep adding new items to our range. Choose anything that you would like on the shelf.
Littlest Sweet Shop hand-made candy miniatures
Our tiny peanut butter candies is the new addition to the Sweets Boutique. Peanut butter coated in a crispy candy shell in 3 colours. Order loose pieces or just a sealed bag of candy. Will also be available in our Etsy shop shortly.
Our own version of Reese's Pieces (miniature)
Next we have my favourite candy in real life. Peanut Butter and Chocolate makes the best combo - one is salty, one is sweet! It's one of our best-selling candy and now comes packaged in wrapping. 
Littlest Sweet Shop's Peanut Butter cups. Each pack contains 2 pieces of candy
Chocolate with smooth peanut butter filling
I made some new white ramekin bowls and filled them with resin to make Crème brûlée. I used soft resin for the custard and used fake sugar in two sizes to create the crispy sugar top layer. You can also visit our YouTube channel to find out how I made this miniature.
1:12 scale Crème brûlées
1:12 scale. Made using resin
1:12 scale Partially eaten Crème brûlée
1:12 scale. Topped with crispy burnt sugar
Perfectly made to scale for your Picco Neemo dolls
1:12 scale chocolate Crème brûlée
1:12 scale Crème brûlée
1:6 scale Crème brûlée
Partially eaten chocolate Crème brûlée 
We even sell the ramekin bows separately in the Tableware & Packaging menu.
1:6 scale clear ramekin bowl
This new candy was made for the 2018 Gingerbread House project so I made quite a lot of 'spares'. Peppermint Candy is available with our without plastic wrapping in the Pick'n Mix section. 
Peppermint candy miniature
Wrapped version also available
 We have also updated the marshmallow flumps and made it look even more light and fluffy.
Littlest Sweet Shop's Flumps. Order any colour combo
A few quick announcements - I have decided to continue opening the Etsy shop after Christmas season. I will try to add new items once a month and you can check-out instantly without having to request a commission. I am still doing commissions so you could ask me to make something listed on the website or a totally new item. 

Please do come and join me next week as I debut the Gingerbread Houses that I made last month. It's probably too early for Christmas but at least you have a head start in ordering as it can take 1 month just to make one.