1:3 Scale Menu

Littlest Sweet Shop 1:3 scale collection is modelled using air dried clay and polymer clay. Sprinkles and garnishing decoration is often hand made using polymer clay as well. Further decoration effects are modelled using Tamiya Decoration Series (from Japan).

1/3 scale models are a perfect size for your Super Dolfie (SD) Dolls, Dolfie Dream, 50cm Azone Dolls and BJD Dolls. These models are also perfect to be used for decoden but preferably scaled down to 1/4 scale.
Ruru gets Treats :D
Littlest Sweet Shop 1/3 treats for an Azone doll

Ice Cream

L-R: Choc-nuts, Mint choc, Strawberry rainbow, Pastel Blue 'peppermint'

Ice Lolly/Popsickles

Prices starts from: £6.50

L-R: Choc swirl with dessert sauce, Vanilla swirl with kiwi sauce and Pocky, Strawberry swirl with cherry, Vanilla swirl with caramel and sprinkles

L-R: Triple Scoop with chocolate and nuts, Double scoop with whipped cream, cherry and fan wafer
Add more exciting flavours! Choose chocolate dipped cones.

Ice-Cream cone / Mr Softee

Prices starts from: £7.00

Kiwi parfait. Layer of kiwi sauce, chocolate pudding, fresh strawberries. Topped with a green tea wafer roll, kiwi slice, kiwi sauce and caramel sprinkles.
Blueberry parfait. Layer of blueberry sauce, custard pudding, chopped nuts. Topped with a blueberry wafer roll, fresh blueberries, blueberry sauce and chopped nuts
Butterscotch parfait. Layer of butterscotch sauce, strawberry pudding, rainbow sprinkles. Topped with a chocolate wafer roll, mini brownies, butterscotch sauce and pastel sprinkles
Caramel parfait. Layer of caramel sauce, strawberry pudding, cherries. Topped with a chocolate wafer roll, sugar cookie, mini brownie, caramel sauce and pastel sprinkles.
Milk strawberry parfait. Layer of milk strawberry sauce, chocolate pudding and kiwi slices. Topped with a strawberry wafer roll, fan wafer, milk strawberry sauce and caramel sprinkles
Chocolate parfait. Layer of chocolate sauce, strawberry pudding and fresh blueberries. Topped with a chocolate wafer roll, cherry, chocolate sauce and pastel sprinkles
Strawberry parfait. Layer of strawberry sauce, custard pudding and chocolate buttons. Topped with a strawberry wafer roll, strawberry and raspberry fruit, strawberry sauce and chopped nuts
Blueberry Parfait. Topped with fresh blueberries, fan wafer and blueberry sauce


Prices starts from: £6.00

Mint choc chip ice cream with lime jello. Topped with whipped cream and cherry

Ice Cream with Jell-o

Prices starts from £6.00

Bubble Tea (Taiwanese)

Strawberry milk tea with pearls. Milk tea comes in different flavours/colours
Strawberry bubble tea with whipped cream and strawberry

Prices starts from: £6.50

Iced Coffee with Lid

Iced coffee in clear up with bespoke lid and green straw
Filled with Ice. Lid is removable
Melted Ice effect on top

Prices starts from: £9.50


Trifles (made with resin). Lime and strawberry jelly completes each trifle
Layers of sponge cake, fruits, strawberry jam, custard and lime jelly. Topped with whipped cream and pastel sprinkles


Prices starts from: £8.00

French Pastries

Strawberry éclair
Chocolate éclair


Prices starts from: £4.20


Prices start from: £3.00


Prices starts from: £5.00


Prices starts from: £3.25

Pink St. Honoré with fresh cream and raspberries. Garnished with a real pearl and rose petal

St. Honoré

Prices starts from: £15.00


Bespoke 1:4 scale Bayonetta's Bloody Rose lollipop


Prices start from: £7.00


Price: £3.00 each

Marshmallow flumps

Price: £1.50 each

1:4 scale Pocky in chocolate and milk flavour
Pocky sticks come in any besspoke variant of your choice

Pocky Sticks

Price: £2.00 each

Strawberry Jelly made using resin from England. Garnished with whipped cream and a strawberry


Price starts from: £3.00 each.


Realistic strawberry jam.
Homer Simpson's inspired doughnuts & Chocolate with peanuts


Prices starts from: £4.50

Japanese style Strawberry Shortcake with handmade box
Black Forest slices 1/3 
Strawberries and Cream slices 1/3

Raspberry Cheesecake

Cakes Slices

Prices starts from: £6.50

Various fruit tarts
Strawberry tart with chocolate pieces

Fruit tarts (Individual)

Prices start from: £6.00

Crispy giant butter cookies with sugar icing

Prices start from: £3.50

Chocolate Chip cookies

Price (2 cookies): £3.00

Decorated with chocolate icing eyes, cute bow tie, strawberry laces for the mouth and choc candy buttons

Gingerbread man

Price: £4.00


Price: £4.50


All cupcakes come in paper lining and any bespoke design
Top view
'Rose' Cupcakes


Prices start from: £5.00

Petits Fours / Tea cakes

Prices start from: £3.50


Japanese crêpe

Prices start from: £4.50

3 pancake stacked with maple syrup, butter and fresh berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries)
Top view


Prices start from: £4.50