Sizes: Available in 1:6 and 1:12
Prices starts from (for single doughnut / 3 mini doughnuts / 6 doughnut holes): 1:6 scale £3.00 and 1:12 scale £2.00
Commission for doughnuts, box and Hello Kitty latte in mug. 2 glazed and 2 rainbow sprinkles doughnuts

Glazed doughnut
Glazed Twist
Maple Bar
Pon De Ring doughnuts. Comes filled with cream
Various French Cruller filled with cream
Doughnuts with fillings. Frosted in sugar
Hazelnut chocolate, Strawberry milk and 'Feathered' doughnuts
Chocolate and caramel sprinkles & butterscotch with nuts
Pastel Blue (also available in pink) and Strawberry Milk Heart doughnut
Pastel sprinkles & butterfly doughnut
'Tiffany' & Caramel with choc meringue doughnuts
Kiwi & Strawberry Jelly doughnuts
Strawberry & Double Choc Nuts doughnuts
Double glazed & 'Rainbow' doughnuts
'Oreo' & Flower gem doughnuts
Blueberry & Chocolate coconut doughnuts
Chocolate and caramel doughnut & Cruller doughnut with sugar
Mint Choc Chip & 'Charm' doughnuts
Get a free box with purchase of 2 sets of mini doughnuts. Various glazed doughnuts and sugar coated doughnuts 
Window Doughnut Box £2 each
Custom size doughnuts for a client. 10mm diameter. You can always ask for a specific size that you require

Doubutsu Doonatsu / Animal Doughnut (Japanese)
Sizes: Available in 1:6
Prices starts from: 1:6 scale £4.50
Stack your animal doughnuts in a bakery display!
'Cat' with patch on 1 ear
'Yellow Cat'
'Chocolate cat'
'Dark chocolate Cat'
Dark pink version 'Cat', Pink version 'Bunny' & 'Pikachu'
'My Melody'
'Hello Kitty'
Fluffy doughnuts iced and decorated in kawaii animal designs. Serve with coffee
Akiko loves the 'Cow' design
We are always adding new characters and animals in this range