2018 Cupcake sculpt
Cupcake liner is made from actual paper to make it more realistic. You can choose from one of the designs below and customise the colour of the paper cup, icing, frosting and cake flavour. Other customisable options is noted on the design description (if available).
Price per each cupcake starts from: 1:6 scale £5.00 and 1:12 scale £4.00
Price per large (birthday cupcake) starts from: 1:6 scale £6.50
Cupcake box for £1.50

Cupcake line-up
2018 updated cupcake sculpt. Comes with real paper liner. Mint frosting cupcake
New cupcake sculpt with more defined and sharp details. Pink frosting cupcake
Large Birthday cupcake with silicone icing, candle and 100s and 1000s sprinkles
Large Birthday cupcake with number candle, silicone cream and pastel sprinkles
1:12 scale cupcakes with silicone cream and cherry
1:12 scale cupcake
Whipped cream cupcake(silicone version) with strawberry.
Set of 3 rainbow icing cupcakes
'Stripe' cupcake
'Letter' cupcake (add 2-3 letters of choice!) 
Whipped cream (silicone version) cupcake with cherry
'Heart Candy' cupcake
'Rainbow' Cupcake. Rainbow cake with vanilla icing and rainbow design. 
Rainbow sits on fluffy whipped cream 'clouds'
Rainbow cupcakes with rainbow pound cake

'Baby Blue' Cucpcake
Whipped cream and flower topper cupcakes
'Rainbow cherry' cupcake. 6 Layers of rainbow cream topped with cherry