Swap / Trade

Littlest Sweet Shop also accepts swaps/trades from anyone who can offer any of the items (new or used) listed below:
  • Vintage Polly Pocket (1989 - 1995)
  • re-Ment miniatures 
  • Megahouse miniatures
  • Orcara miniatures
  • Azone clothing and accessories (size XS or M)
  • Ruruko clothing
  • Sanrio products (original Sanrio Japan products including vintage)
  • 1/6 scale dollhouse miniatures
Please send an email to nadia.michaux(at)gmail.com for a direct inquiry. Both parties will agree to do a swap/trade of equal/similar retail value. All items in the Littlest Sweet Shop menu are available for trade/swap including any custom/bespoke items (including 1/12, 1/6 and 1/3 scale). Swap/trade value does not include postage. Recycled packaging is accepted (and encouraged to save Mother Earth).
Maya just got a cupcake from Naru. Naru received a vintage Polly Pocket doll in exchange. Swapping is easy!