Sweets Boutique

1/6 Scale Pick'n mix stand available for commission
Maya will carefully select your pick'n mix bag of sweets and chocolate!
Sweets Boutique
Customise your sweets to any colour of your choice

Various 1/6 scale sweets, chocolate and candy
Commissioned 1:12 scale candy. 1/6 scale Mermaid Seashell, Mini marshmallows and Heart Fruit drops. These sweets are small enough to be applicable in 1/12 scale


Sizes: Available in 1:6, and 1:12
Prices start from: 1:6 scale £6.00 and 1:12 scale £4.00
Fruit lollipops. Rainbow lollipop stand also available from Littlest Sweet Shop
Akiko's favourite 'Grape' lollipop
Marshmallow lollipops
1:12 jar or rainbow swirl lollipops and sweets
Stripey rainbow lollipop

Pick'n mix

Sizes: Available in 1:6 and 1:12* applicable on selected sweets (due to super miniature size)
1:12 scale availability**
15 Heart fruit drops*
4 Wrapped sweets**
8 mini marshmallow flumps**
8 assorted and toffee humbugs**
10 mini marshmallows*
8 Turkish Delights**
8 Liquorice all-sorts
10 Jelly beans**
2 Marshmallow Mushroom**
4 Flumps**
5 Iced gems biscuits
8 Gummy Bears
8 English Fudge**
5 Tootsie Pops / Suckers
4 Rainbow Belts**
8 Mermaid seashell candy
8 Toffee**
8 Chewing gum
2 Candy Button strips
2 Peanut Butter Cups

Price: 1:6 scale £4.00 for each choice and 1:12 scale £3.00 for each choice
2017 Wrapped Sweets
Comes in 6 flavours and can be unwrapped
Very tiny piece of candy. Each one hand-wrapped!
Heart Fruit drops, wrapped sweets (old design)
Assorted humbugs, mini marshmallows
Liquorice all-sorts, mini flumps
Jellybeans, mushroom marshmallow
Toffee humbugs, marshmallow Flumps
Gummy bear, English fudge
Strawberry chewing gum (other flavours available)
Iced Gem biscuits

Rose-water Turkish Delight
Rainbow Belts. Gummy strips of candy coated in sugar
Tootsie Rolls / Suckers in 6 fruity flavours
Details on some of our sweets:
Colour selection for Marshmallow mushrooms
Marshmallow Mushrooms dipped in pink icing
Realistic light and fluffy masrhmallow candy in white/pink/green (blue)/yellow
All of our miniatures are made to scale for realism
6 Gummy Bear colours including red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple
Turkish Delight coated in icing powder
Iced Gem cookies have detailing all over and underneath
Mermaid seashell candy. With sparkly effect on each piece! 4 different seashell designs

Akiko loves the grape Tootsie Pop

Candy buttons. 1 strip contains 36 tabs of candy

Pick'n mix (Chocolate)

Sizes: Available in 1:6 and 1:12*
Chocolates are a mixed bag of dark, milk and white chocolate and strawberry cream.
8 Moulded chocolate (Swirls)*
8 Chocolate bears
2 Candy Bar*
2 Fudge block*
10 bon bons*
8 Belgian chocolate seashells
5 Foil-wrapped heart wrapped chocolates*
10 heart chocolates (without foil)*
12 Chocolate buttons
3 Peanut Butter cups

Price: £4.00 for each choice
Peanut Butter cups
Peanut Butter cups, chocolate and peanut butter combo
Moulded chocolate (Swirls). Available in milk and dark chocolate
Chocolate buttons. Available in milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and strawberry milk flavour
Chocolate bears, candy bar, rainbow sky blue fudge blocks, bonbons
Belgian Seashell chocolates
Foil-wrapped heart chocolate
Caramel coated in dark chocolate with filling inside. You can also have it split into 2 pieces with any filling oozing out!
Candy Bar is not from mould to look real
Each foil-wrapped chocolate can be unwrapped to reveal yummy choccies!

Chocolate bar

Sizes: Available 1:6 and 1.12
Prices start from: 1:6 scale £4.50 and 1:12 scale £3.50

1:12 scale chocolate bars. Can also be 1:6 scale mini chocolate bars

Box of assorted Chocolate Candies

Sizes: Available in 1:6
Prices start from: 1:6 scale £12.00
12 pieces of assorted milk, white, strawberry and dark chocolate. Packaged in a handmade box

Gourmet Popcorn

Sizes: Available in 1:6
Price: 1:6 scale £5.50 for a small portion of popcorn (enough for a small box)
Larger air-popped kernels, lavishly coated in delicious candy. Available in caramel, chocolate and Berry Rainbow
Large container of popcorn

Chocolate 'sharing' pack

Sizes: Available in 1:6
Choices: Chocolate coated peanuts / Chocolate meringue stars
Price: 1:6 scale £5.00
Chocolate coated peanuts
Chocolate meringues

Cotton Candy / Candy floss

Sizes: Available in 1:6 and 1:12
Price: 1:6 scale £4.00 and 1:12 scale £3.00
Cotton candy in pink. Also available in any colour

Mini (snack size) pretzels

Sizes: Available in 1:6
Price: 1:6 scale £1.50 for 3 plain pretzels or 1 candy pretzel
Plain pretzels are a great snack with beer
Candy coated mini pretzels in Mint, Strawberry, White chocolate, Caramel and Chocolate

Buttered Popcorn

Sizes: Available in 1:6
Price: 1:6 scale £8.00 for a small box of popcorn (with box)
Large box of popcorn
Small box of popcorn. Stripey red and white box by Littlest Sweet Shop


Sizes: Available in 1:6
Price per S'more: 1:6 scale £5.50
We even make S'mores with other types of candy / chocolate. This strawberry milk S'mores is so cute and yummy
Made from the best ingredients, including chocolate from Littlest Sweet Shop
Great snack for picnics and camping trips
Toasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched together between Graham crackers


Rocky Road 

Sizes: Available in 1:6
Price per fudge starts from: 1:6 scale £2 
Chocolate fudge with nuts and mini marshmallows (pink and white). Rough surface texture 'Rocky Road'


Gumball machine

Sizes: Available in 1:6 and 1:12 scale
Price starts from (with 1/3 filled coloured gumballs): 1:6 scale £17 and 1:12 scale £15
1:12 scale Gumball Machine in red pearl. Filled with 8 rainbow colour gumballs. Applicable as 1:6 scale Mini Gumball Machine
1:12 scale Rose Quartz Gumball Machine. Filled with 4 pastel coloured gumballs
1:12 scale Gumball Machines. You can fill it as much or as little as you want. Made using real glass dome

Candy / Toffee Apple 

Sizes: Available in 1:6 and 1:12
Prices start from: 1:6 scale £5.50 and 1:12 scale £4.00
(L-R) Candy apple, toffee apple, Chocolate and candy, caramel and peanut
Also available in sticky toffee and chocolate. Get them coated in pastel sprinkles, caramel sprinkles or chocolate chunk