Tableware & Packaging


Our dishware is handmade from polymer clay (unless stated otherwise) so you can request it in any colour. This colour is Blossom and has a semi-matte finish.
Stone effect dishware in pink. Semi-transparent. Littlest Sweet Shop dishware is appropriate for both 1:12 and 1:6 scale. Refer to the measurements in each item description. Measurements are approximate figures since each item is handmade.
The under-side of Littlest Sweet Shop dishware
Order 2 or more and you can even stack them on top of each other

Cat Plate

Size: 23mm across widest part
Price: £3.50

Heart Plate

Size: 23mm across
Price: £3.50

Large Oval Plate

Size: 33mm wide
Price: £4.30

Square Plate

Size: 21mm
Price: £3.70

Round Plate

Size: 25mm
Price: £3.70

Large Plate (1:6 scale dinner plate)

Size: 40mm diameter
Price: £5.00

Hexagon Plate

Size: 24mm
Price: £3.70

Scalloped Dish

Size: 24mm diameter
Price: £3.90

Small Oval Plate

Size: 24mm wide
Price: £3.50


Size: 18mm diameter of opening
Price: £3.50

Ramekin Bowls

Sizes Available in 1:6 and 1:12 scale
Price: 1:6 scale £2.50 and 1:12 scale £2.20
White Ramekins

Clear Ramekins

Donburi Bowl (Japanese)

Size: 1:6 scale
Price: £4.80
Comes with removable cover

Mini Bowl

Size: 12mm diameter of opening
Price: £2.00
Our own ice cream bowl. Thicker style in pastel colours. Made from resin


Size: 1:6 scale
Price: £3.50
Made by Littlest Sweet Shop using resin and painted

Placemats and Doilies

All handmade so you can request them in other colours! (with additional charge)

Round and Heart Lace Doily

Size: 2.5 cm wide
Price: £2.20 each
Heart doilies
Round doilies

Big square Lace Placemat

Size: 3.5 cm wide
Price: £3.50 each

Packaging and Boxes

Clear Carry Gift Box

Sizes: Available in 1:6
Price per box: 1:6 scale £1.50
Clear Gift Box with handle. Contents not included. Can fit a wide range of Littlest Sweet Shop products
Box size perfect for gifts and fits 1:6 scale dolls. Yuffie has purchased some Rocky Road to carry home

Clear Plastic Packaging

Sizes: Available in 1:6 and 1:12 scale
Price starts from: 1:6 and 1:12 scale £1.50
You can choose to package any of your Littlest Sweet Shop treats in a clear sealed bag.
We can package any sized item from Littlest Sweet Shop! Makes it easy to take away

Take-away box

Sizes: Available in 1:6 scale
Price (box only): 1:6 scale £4.00
Box of nacho chips

Cardboard box

Sizes: Available in 1:6 and 1:12 scale
Price starts from: 1:6 scale £4.00 and 1:12 scale £3.00 

Various boxes hand- made from Shabby chic design paper
Cake box with handle
Window box. For pastries and baked goods
Smaller gift boxes
1:8 scale animal doughnuts with custom box