Tableware & Packaging


Our dishware is handmade from polymer clay so you can request it in any colour. This colour is Blossom and has a semi-matte finish.
Stone effect dishware in pink. Semi-transparent. Littlest Sweet Shop dishware is appropriate for both 1:12 and 1:6 scale. Refer to the measurements in each item description. Measurements are approximate figures since each item is handmade.
The under-side of Littlest Sweet Shop dishware

Cat Plate

Size: 23mm across widest part
Price: £3.50

Heart Plate

Size: 23mm across
Price: £3.50

Large Oval Plate

Size: 33mm wide
Price: £4.30

Square Plate

Size: 21mm
Price: £3.70

Round Plate

Size: 25mm
Price: £3.70

Hexagon Plate

Size: 24mm
Price: £3.70

Scalloped Dish

Size: 24mm diameter
Price: £3.90

Small Oval Plate

Size: 24mm wide
Price: £3.50


Size: 18mm diameter of opening
Price: £3.50

Placemats and Doilies

All handmade so you can request them in any other colour! (with additional charge)

Round and Heart Lace Doily

Size: 2.5 cm wide
Price: £2.20

Big square Lace Placemat

Size: 3.5 cm wide
Price: £3.50

Packaging and Boxes

Clear Carry Gift Box

Sizes: Available in 1:6
Price per box: 1:6 scale £1.50
Clear Gift Box with handle. Contents not included. Can fit a wide range of Littlest Sweet Shop products
Box size perfect for gifts and fits 1:6 scale dolls. Yuffie has purchased some Rocky Road to carry home

Clear Plastic Packaging

Sizes: Available in 1:6 and 1:12 scale
Price starts from: 1:6 and 1:12 scale £1.50
You can choose to package any of your Littlest Sweet Shop treats in a clear sealed bag.
We can package any sized item from Littlest Sweet Shop! Makes it easy to take away

Take-away box

Sizes: Available in 1:6 scale
Price (box only): 1:6 scale £4.00
Box of nacho chips

Cardboard box

Sizes: Available in 1:6 and 1:12 scale
Price starts from: 1:6 scale £4.00 and 1:12 scale £3.00 
We can make any size box to fit your order
Various boxes hand- made from Shabby chic design paper
Cake box with handle
Window box. For pastries and baked goods
Smaller gift boxes
1:8 scale animal doughnuts with custom box