1:3 scale


Made with real paper liner and frosted with a generous amount of cream


  • Real paper liner for extra realism

  • Can be made in any design

  • Light and fluffy cream frosting

  • Polymer clay details such as cherries and sprinkles

Fast Food

All American Littlest Fast Food


  • Food made from polymer clay

  • Cute packaging

  • Any type of fast food can be made

  • Loose pieces for extra fun!

Bitten Hamburger

  • Textured bun bread

  • Realistically painted

Chicken Burger

  • Deli bun with scoring on top

  • Crispy looking fried chicken


  • Individually sculpted sesame seeds

  • Realistic ketchup

Apple Pie

  • Realistic apple filling

  • Deep fried outer shell


  • Made in clear cups with proper lids and straw

  • Realistic creamy milkshake


  • Individually modelled to be loose

  • Painted to look fried and tasty!


Yummy looking doughnuts decorated in many cute ways!


  • Made from Japanese air dry clay to make it look light and tasty

  • Frosted with a special Japanese polymer clay paste which looks sweet and delicious. Has the same translucency and effect as real frosting

  • 4 different shapes available

  • Choose from plain or chocolate doughnut base

  • Handmade toppings like nuts and sprinkles are made from polymer clay


French macarons in sweet pastel colours and kawaii shapes


  • Available in star and heart shapes too

  • Made from puffy Japanese clay

  • So many pastel colours to choose from

  • Realistic sugar icing filling sandwiched between the shells

Cake Pops

Cakes on a stick! Coated in confectionery


  • Filling inside made from light Japanese air dry clay

  • Coated in Japanese air dry paste that almost looks like candy!

  • Handy little things for dolls to eat

  • Can be sprinkled with toppings

  • Gorgeous pastel 'icing' sugar shell


Ice cream coated in thick confectionery and sprinkles


  • Made on an actual wooden popsicle stick

  • Using Japanese air dry paste to achieve thick and delicious looking coating on the outside

  • Sprinkles and coatings that look so real and yummy

  • Can be sealed in clear plastic wrapper

Ice Cream cone

Scoops of ice cream on top of a perfectly molded cone


  • Realistic scoops in any flavour you can imagine

  • Stack 2 or 3 scoops!

  • Perfectly modelled polymer clay cone in 3D

  • Dessert sauces and topping also available

  • Realistic whipped cream with juicy cherries

Soft serve ice cream

Beautiful swirly ice cream on a cone


  • Realistic and light looking cream which has a slight semi-gloss to mimic real soft serve

  • Can be coated in confectionery or dry toppings

  • Perfectly 3D modelled cone in polymer clay

Candy apples

Rosy apples on a stick coated in reddish toffee. The perfect Autumn treat!


  • Real 'wood' stick handle

  • Realistic toffee/caramel

  • Whole apple is coated individually giving each piece a 'hand-made' look

  • Can be covered in clear wrapper

Japanese Biscuit Sticks

Pocky is a very popular snack in Asia. Here we have the most popular flavours available!


  • Sticks made from polymer clay for durability

  • Coated in thick Japanese polymer clay paste which looks like the real thing!

  • Box printed using photo paper

  • Comes in 3 different flavours


Spanish 'donut' which has a crispy outer texture and lightness inside


  • Light and fluffy texture thanks to a special Japanese air dry clay

  • Realistic coatings of chocolate and more!

  • Coated in realistic sugar

  • Painted to have 'crusty' edges

Large Biscuits/cookies

From sandwich biscuits to chocolate chip cookies - we made all of your doll's favourites!


  • Made using Japanese clay for light and crispy looking cookies

  • Available in chocolate or plain

  • Realistic cream filling or realistic jam filling

  • Clear embossed pattern on cookies

  • 1:2 scale size for bigger dolls such as AZ02, Super Dollfie, Obitsu 60

Jelly cup ice cream

Clear jelly in a cup combined with vanilla ice cream for a touch of creaminess


  • Clear jelly that looks like real gelatine in any flavour

  • Light ice cream scoop made from Japanese air-dry clay

  • Realistic whipped cream and juicy cherry as a garnish


Creamy beverages in sweet pastel colours


  • Made from a special modelling cream which looks very light and airy

  • Realistic blended ice cream and milk which can be seen through the crystal clear plastic cup

  • Layers of different flavours available

  • Hand-made toppings like sprinkles and candy

  • Whip cream and extra large straw is optional


A big piece of muffin to have with that coffee break


  • Hand-sculpted muffin texture

  • Each piece unique

  • Made with real paper liner

  • Made with Japanese air dry clay to look soft and light


Yummy sandwich biscuits with sweet cream filling


  • Made from polymer clay

  • 3 designs available

  • Chocolate or plain base biscuit

  • Cream filling of any flavour

Parfait & Trifle

Layers of cream, sauce, candy and fruit making it the ultimate dessert!


  • Choose from parfait dish of even a big clear cup

  • Clear view of each delicious layer

  • Made using realistic looking cream and dessert sauces

  • Available in any combination

  • Clear resin so simulate real jelly/gelatine

  • Hand-made polymer clay toppings and decoration

Packaged Candy

All the famous packs of candy


  • Printed on photo paper

  • Littlest Sweet Shop's own design

  • Designed not to be opened

  • Fits on the palm of your doll's hands!

Gummy Bears

Cute bear shaped gummies in a rainbow of colours


  • Made from special UV resin from Japan so they are gummy and can be bent

  • Any colour available. Opaque colours also available upon request

  • Perfect formed cute bears

  • Around 10mm height


Molded chocolates with a mid-sheen finish in 4 different flavours


  • Made from polymer clay to create realistic chocolate

  • Available in white chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberry milk and dark chocolate

  • Available in candy bar style or molded chocolate swirls

  • Chocolate swirls are perfectly molded in 3D

  • Mid-sheen finish to look like the real thing but will never melt!


Fudgy bite-sized brownies. Square shaped and individually sculpted so each piece is unique. Realistic cracked surface


Small French cakes in the baked in a distinctive 'shell' mold


  • Made from Japanese air dry clay to look like light sponge cakes

  • Sculpted in a perfect madeleine shape

  • Hand-sculpted in 3D (both sides)


Famous French Choux pastries dipped in delicious confectionery


  • Made from Japanese air dry clay

  • Hand-sculpted in 3D. No two pieces are the same

  • Realistic confectionery coating on top

  • Available in any flavours or design

  • Made in traditional size and shape scaled down to 1:3 scale

Cream Puff

French choux pastries halved and filled with chantilly cream


  • Made from Japanese air dry clay and hallowed out like real choux pastry

  • Each piece is hand-sculpted individually so no 2 pieces are the same

  • Hand-sculpted in 3D (both sides)

  • Generous amount of chantilly cream and strwaberry halves are optional

  • Can be dusted with powdered sugar