Convenience Store


XL paper cups filled with icy slush. Iconic treat from 7 Eleven in exciting bright colours and flavours

Availability: 1:6 and 1:12 scale


  • Cup made from cardboard paper

  • Realistic translucent ice crystal slush

  • Available to commission in any colour/flavour/cup design

  • Optional realistic plastic (vacuum-formed) lid and straw

Cheese balls

The cheesiest, more-ish American snack! Each canister is filled up with individual cheese balls

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Realistic cannister with silver aluminium in the inside

  • Yellow transparent lids made from resin

  • Each canister is filled full with all loose cheese balls

  • Cheese balls individually textured and painted to look like the real thing

Drinks Machine & Drinks

This machine was developed for 7-Eleven's campaign. It is not for sale

Availability: Custom miniature scale


  • Original 3D model of drinks machine and cast for the cups

  • Machine is 3D printed from PLA and resin

  • Drinks cups are vacuum formed just like how the real cups are made

  • Machine is finished with aluminium to give it a realistic shine and effect

  • Other parts made from Japanese PLA plates

  • Custom decals for clear branding

  • Official logos with permission from Coke

  • Airbrush painted

  • 5 different flavour of drinks created

  • Realistic floating ice and soda