Tableware & Packaging


Littlest Sweet Shop tableware is made from polymer clay and can come in different finishes - matte, semi-matte or shiny. It is possible to request it in any colour too! Sizes fit 1:12 and 1:6 scale depending on the diameter and size of the actual miniature. Measurements are approximate figures since each item is handmade. 

Bowl 18mm⌀

Oval Plate 24mm⌀

Scalloped Dish 24mm⌀

Hexagon Plate 24mm⌀

Round Plate 25mm⌀

Square Plate 21mm⌀

Large Oval Plate 33mm⌀

Heart Plate 23mm wide

Cat plate 23mm wide

Small Bowl (resin) 12mm⌀

Large Dinner plates 40mm⌀

Large Dinner plates 40mm⌀

Bowl 18mm⌀

Bowl 18mm⌀

Japanese Donburi Bowl 1:6 scale

Japanese Donburi Bowl

Resin tableware

We also make tableware using hard craft resin to achieve a clear miniature which looks like glass! We can also 3D model and print tableware and finish it by sanding and painting them. 

Saucer 1:6 scale

Saucer 1:6 scale

White Ramekins 

Clear Ramekins 

Ice Cream Stands

Espresso cups

Placemats and Doilies

Lacy doilies can also be used as placemats. These are hand-made using white modelling material and can be used to display all of our delicious miniature cakes and pastries

Heart Doily 25mm wide

Large Square Doily 35mm

Round Doily 25mm⌀

Packaging & Misc.

Complete your doll's dining experience by setting up the table with vintage cutlery from Sindy. We sell hundreds of miniature food which you can also have sealed in clear packaging.

Clear Gift Box 1:6 scale

Silver Cutlery 

Availability: 1:6 scale

Clear cellophane packaging

Availability: 1:6 and 1:12 scale