Ice Cream

Dipped Ice Cream Popsicles

Vanilla ice cream coated in a shell of confectionery and finished with a generous coating of nuts, sprinkles and even chocolate chunks!

Availability: 1:6 scale and 1:12 scale


  • Fully dipped ice cream in realistic hard shell coating

  • 5 different flavours in 1:6 scale

  • Sprinkles are handmade from clay for extra realism!

  • Real wooden sticks from coffee stirrers making it durable and has play value (only for 1:6 scale)

  • Other flavours also available to commission

Ice-Cream Standard Cone 1:6 scale

1, 2 or 3 scoops? How about 6 scoops balanced on top of an ice cream cone! Combine any flavour of your dreams to create something sweet and special

Availability: 1:6 scale in small cone and 1:6 scale in big cone


  • Choose from a huge range of flavours/colours

  • Each scoop is perfectly portioned

  • Cones look like they came out from a factory with uniform size and precise grid waffle pattern

  • Any flavour with any topping/dessert sauce possible

Popsicle (1:6 scale)

Colourful popsicles in playscale size made from strong wooden popsicle sticks for more play value

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Thick strong wooden hand-cut popsicle sticks made from real wood coffee stirrers

  • Made using translucent clay for added realism

  • Fully 3D sculpt with popsicle facets on both sides

  • Custom flavours/stripes also available

Home-made Sundaes

Sometimes it is fun to make your own sundaes at home. Why? Because you can always be creative and make what you want!

Ice Cream Cups

Realistic ice cream in cute paper cups with wooden spoons. Portioned for one and always available from the ice cream freezer chest

Availability: 1:12 scale and 1:6 scale


  • Ice cream made from a Japanese air dry clay which looks light and fluffy

  • Choose from Vanilla mixed swirls or any ice cream flavour

  • Wooden spoon optional

Soft Serve (cake cone Version)

A popular dessert from fast food places. Delicious whipped vanilla ice cream swirled on top of a cake cone

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Ice cream made from a Japanese silicone modelling cream which cures to a wet and naturally glossy look

  • Available in Vanilla flavour

  • Cake Cone has very fine details such as the brand and grid texture. Hand-crafted in 3D

Popsicles (Ice Lollies) 1:12 scale

Cooling treats for summer with bright colourful tones


  • Every flavour popsicle

  • Transparent effect for ice lollies made from fruity colours

  • Realistic toppings hand-made to fit the scale of each miniature popsicle

  • Dipped in realistic layers of confectionery

  • Real wood stick

Banana Split

3 scoops of ice cream sits in a long waffle bowl. A banana has been cut through the middle and added to the sides of the sundae. Each scoop has been topped with dessert sauce, sprinkles and freshly whipped cream. Finished with a bright red cherry on top

Availability: 1:6 scale and 1:12 scale


  • 3 different ice cream flavours is possible

  • Choose your own dessert sauce

  • Realistic toppings hand-made to fit the scale of each miniature banana split

  • Fluffy and light looking whipped cream

  • Waffle bowl in cute grid pattern/texture

Taco Ice Cream

A sugar waffle shell filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with a chocolate layer and delicious toppings like nuts and rainbow sprinkles

Availability: 1:12 scale and 1:6 scale


  • Delicious waffle texture in perfect grid pattern

  • Realistic chocolate layer

  • Have a bite taken off to reveal the ice cream and chocolate syrup swirl inside!

  • Fluffy looking vanilla ice cream

Waffle Cone

Waffles are cooked and hand-rolled when it's still warm. They are bigger than standard cones and the edges are sometimes dipped in chocolate and delicious toppings

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Plain or dipped in chocolate/confectionery

  • Dip it in dry toppings which are made to scale

  • Perfect prop for an ice cream store diorama

  • Empty cones for preparation boards

  • Waffle grid pattern on cone is perfectly crafted

Sundae Cup

The ultimate dessert inspired by famous fast food restaurants. Creamy soft serve fills a plastic container and topped with a generous amount of dessert sauce

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Vanilla soft serve ice cream made from Japanese silicone modelling cream which looks glossy and real

  • Cup and lid vacuum-formed to create a realistic take-out sundae cup

  • Cup feels real and very clear revealing the ice cream swirl in the cup

  • Sundae cup lid optional

  • Wet and sticky-sweet looking dessert sauce

Drumstick Style Ice Cream Cone

A classic combination of vanilla ice cream on top of a cone and generously dipped in chocolate and chopped nuts. Inspired by the popular 'Drumstick' brand ice cream

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Modelled to look like the actual Drumstick

  • Perfectly modelled cone looks like it came out a box!

  • Realistic coating of chocolate and chopped nuts

Bear Paw Ice Cream

The cutest ice cream in chocolate or vanilla with strawberry ice cream paw accents. Kids love them!

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Large popsicle which is both cute and fun

  • Thicker real wood popsicle stick

  • Ice cream looks light and real

  • Cute details of the paw in strawberry colours

Ice-Cream Cone 1:12 scale

A best-seller made in our smallest miniature scale. Perfect for any dolls house

Availability: 1:12 scale


  • Made to scale and topped with realistic sauces, whipped cream and toppings/sprinkles

  • Fine details include detailed waffle textures and creamy looking ice cream

  • Dessert sauces look thick and glossy

  • Cherries look plump and juicy

  • 3D sugar cone design with intricate details

  • Select any scoop combination

  • Maximum 6 scoops per cone

  • 3D printed and air brushed painted ice cream stands also available

  • Any flavour is possible

Blended Ice-Cream

At the famous Dairy Queen chain - this frozen dessert is served upside down! Ice cream is blended with various sauces and toppings to create and all-in-one treat

Availability: 1:6 and 1:12 scale


  • Littlest Sweet Shop designed graphics on cup

  • Realistic looking creamy ice cream with random textures on the top

  • Many flavours to choose from

  • Generously filled cup

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Neapolitan sandwich

Availability: 1:6 and 1:12 scale


  • Thin pale wafers

  • Neapolitan ice cream

  • Realistic ice cream texture

Biscuit Sandwich

Availability: 1:6 and 1:12 scale


  • Realistic cookies in plain or chocolate

  • Fluffy and light looking ice cream

Vanilla ice cream wafer sandwich with chocolate

Availability: 1:6 and 1:12 scale


Thin pale wafers

Half dipped in realistic looking chocolate

Vanilla ice cream center