Bagel Sandwiches

One of our deli sandwiches made from bagels from the bakery using fresh ingredients from our deli

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Deli Sandwiches

Create your own sandwiches using our finest ingredients all hand-made in Littlest Sweet Shop

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Thin slices of cured pork ready to be made into sandwiches!

Tête de Moine cheese

A Swiss Girolle machine is used to serve this Monk's cheese whereby a thin layer is scraped on top forming rosettes

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We have a huge selection of cheeses for you to choose from. Create your own cheeseboard and serve with a bottle of wine

Swiss Cheese

Mature Stilton




Red Leicester


A selection of cured meats for your pantry

Streaky Bacon


Back Bacon


Sausage meat blended with herbs and spices to make delicious sausages. Cumberland and sausage string available too

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Deli Snacks

Great English style snacks for supper which can be served cold

Gala Pork slice

Scotch Eggs

Mini Pork Pies

Pork Pie