Kitchen Appliance

Compact Espresso Machine

Small Nespresso style machine that makes instant espresso and gives your miniature kitchen an extra touch of sophistication

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • 3D modelled machine which has been 3D printed in resin

  • Removable parts (handle, capsule tray, water tank lid and coffee outlet) for more play value

  • Airbrushed painted and sealed with acrylics

  • Detailed branding embossing on the side

  • Detailed side air vents and grid pattern on capsule tray

  • Hand-painted raised buttons

Espresso cups

3D printed in resin and hand-painted in enamel paint. Choose empty cups or filled with dark coffee

Coffee capsules

Scaled down to 1:6 scale and airbrushed in gold. Hand-paited silver foil covers

Almond biscotti

Italian hard biscuit with rough outer layer and realistic texture. Generously filled with almonds