French Pastries


Rose flavoured macaron filled with rose petal and lychee cream, embellished with fresh raspberries

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Realistic looking piped meringue shell with texture

  • Hand-sculpted raspberries

  • A thin rose petal as decoration

  • Available in large or single serving

  • Single serving comes with a gold placemat


A French tart with shortcrust pastry, rich filling and delicious fresh fruits

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Comes with white paper doily

  • Intricate fruits and berries

  • Light looking pastry

  • Creamy looking filling

  • Arranged in so many different designs


A mini version of the tarte

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Light cream fillings

  • Realistic fruit toppings

  • Realistic meringue

  • Pastry base painted to look crumbly

Choux Pastry Swans

These swans are a real show-stopper and a great way to show off with choux pastry piping

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Realistic chantilly cream

  • Powdered pastry

  • Painted to look like the real thing

  • Each one hand-sculpted to scale


A croissant is a buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry of Austrian origin, named for its historical crescent shape

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • With or without powdered sugar

  • Available in 2 shapes

  • Painted to look like a buttery pastry

  • Hand-sculpted to form realistic looking flaky layers

Mont Blanc

Delicate pastries that resemble a snow-capped mountain

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Made to scale

  • Individually sculpted

  • Ombré colours available

  • May be decorated with fruits or other dessert garnish

  • Topped with realistic looking cream


A delicate meringue-based cookie sandwich

Availability: 1:6 and 1:12 scale


  • Available in ombré and stripe

  • Endless possibilities in filling including 'sparkly' gel based ones

  • Realistic meringue texture


Crispy layers of puff pastry with a rich custard pastry cream filling and then garnishing the top with a glossy royal icing

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Available in different shapes

  • Varied decoration on top

  • Hand-drawn 'feathered' icing effect

St. Honoré

A puff pastry base, topped with pastry cream and whipped cream, surrounded by profiteroles dipped - their sugary tops resembling the halos of saints!

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Light looking choux pastries

  • Rich cream decoration

  • Available in different designs


Grand French towers for weddings and special events

Availability: 1:6 and 1:12 scale


  • Grand cakes

  • Croque-en-bouche with real caramel looking swirl

  • Any design is possible


Crunch into a million layers of fine and flaky buttery pastry

Availability: 1:6 scale


  • Painted to look like baked pastry

  • Maybe layers textured

  • Coated in sugar

  • Light and thin

Choux à la crème

Also known as 'cream puffs', these choux pastry buns are filled piped cream or chocolate ganache

Choux Buns

Light unfilled choux pastries


Pastry made with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with chocolate icing or other decoration


Filled French choux pastry ball and decorated in chocolate sauce and icing sugar

Petite Madeleine

Small sponge cakes with a distinctive shell-like shape


Made of two choux pastry cases, one larger than the other, filled with crème pâtissière


Pain (French for bread)

Pain au chocolat

Similar in texture to a puff pastry, with one or two pieces of dark chocolate in the centre.

Brioche à tête

A brioche baked into a fluted round tin with a ball of dough placed on top to form the 'head', the tête

Pain d'epi

Essentially a baguette in the shape of a wheat shaft, a charming French tradition dating back centuries